The best way to ensure you have a successful career as a real estate agent is to know how to manage your real estate contacts. Having a real estate CRM means you got a good handle on your database and it also saves you effort and time. That way you can dedicate more resources to grow your clients while having a solid business foundation.

When you use a real estate CRM, it simplifies complicated processes, keeps you organized and ultimately makes your day more productive. If you haven’t used a real estate CRM software before the following tips will get you up to speed and show you how to the software can benefit both your business as well as your clients.

1. Keep your list tidy
As an agent you probably have a problem keeping all your contact information in one place. Just finding the one client you’re looking for takes a lot of time. You have to search your emails, your spreadsheets, and your notes not to mention your phone to try to contact them. By the time you find them you’d have wasted a lot of time. Real estate contact management systems keep everything tidy and right where you can easily access them. A real estate CRM software keeps phone numbers, names, birthdays, and important details that you’ll need in a hurry about your clients. Everything is safe and you won’t risk losing any of your documents.

2. Add a new contact on a daily basis
As your business grows, so would your contact list. Try to add a new business contact every day and watch your list evolve into a profitable business. Those new contacts might not be clients for now, but someday they will need to move or find a new place. They are the people you meet every day, connect with or make friends. As you add them to your phone, also add them to your contact list. One day they’ll need your services and then you’ll have all their information right there at your fingertips.

3. Always stay in touch
It’s important to remember every one of your clients’ birthdays and even anniversaries. That’s how they remember you’re their favorite agent. In order to do that you’ll need to automate reminders that can be generated by the real estate CRM software. The software will remind you that you need to send them a birthday card or call them to wish them a happy anniversary.

4. Keep track of your results
When you send a newsletter or start a marketing campaign through emails you want to know who’s opening those emails and who’s clicking on the links you send. This interaction with your emails provides you with valuable feedback on how your campaign is doing and how your clients perceive your work. A real estate CRM will generate reports that show how engaging your emails are and whether they’re creating leads for your business.

5. Get those leads immediately
As an agent you know that without leads your business won’t grow and flourish. Capturing those leads can be challenging especially when you’re busy doing a million other things at the same time. That’s where automatic lead capture comes to the rescue. It can capture those leads online and store them in the database. They’ll be there when you look for them waiting to be turned into new business opportunities.

6. Both easy and powerful at the same time
Most real estate contact management systems have the best features you need without overwhelming you with loads of other settings and features that would waste your time. Choose the one that works well out of the box and doesn’t need a ton of configurations. A complicated CRM can waste your time and lead to errors when using it.

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