The 1980s were much simpler times when it came to communication. There were two primary communication channels: the phone or face-to-face. Today, companies have to keep track of email, respond to text, chat, keep an eye on apps, etc. At the same time, company budgets have remained tight and the finances need to fund technology have increased exponentially.

Because the customers of 2016 (and beyond) are demanding complete support and solutions, the helpdesk software options must be more focused on meeting the rising expectations of these increasingly savvy buyers.

Personalized and Predictive Technology

Any type of helpdesk software meant to enhance the experience of the customer is not really sufficient unless it is personalized and highly predictive. Consumers are happier when they call your office to inquire about the status of an order and your company’s system is able to recognize the caller or anticipate their inquiry.

Employing appropriate technology that ensures that the experience of your customer is faster and easier will become the new customer support norm. It’s a business fact that smart technology not only saves time and money, but also greatly enhances the customer journey.

Aided Self-Service

Remote support software that enables your customers to make their choices and do self-serve is the new trend. This will mean deploying technology that enables you to know the customer you are interacting with and one that is agile enough when it comes to how the customer is served. Although customers want self-service, remember that they also want immediate online assistance whenever they seek it— this is what is going to become the key differentiator.

Video Chat Support

While chat has been a major helpdesk software trend for the last couple of years, video chat, particularly for pre-sales support, is bound to rise. It is said that a picture is in fact worth a 1,000 words. Initially, when video was first introduced as part of help desks, the primary objective was creating a more personalized customer experience.

The video chats of today have cool features that not only provide an enhanced customer experience, but which also boost sales by generating higher business close ratios.

Apps for All

More companies are now investing in customized apps. These apps are not only walking the customer through the purchase journey, but also making tracking of purchases easier for businesses, as well as for keeping tabs on channel activity. These apps are being used in promoting new product incentives and offerings to loyal consumers. For this, companies must keep the information fresh and up-to-date, incorporating innovative remote support software features for the more savvy customers.


Responding to customers and gaining their feedback has always been a vital component of business. However, with the lightning speed at which technology is changing, it’s become critical to identify and research what technologies, channels, and features your customers want and what your company should have.

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