When selecting high schools and colleges to attend, you and your child might be looking at a particular private school in the community. With these schools, what should your expectations be?

Admissions Requirements

If you are sending your children to a private school in Toronto, then you need to be aware that some rigorous admissions requirements could exist. Now, the exact requirements are going to vary from school to school, and you won’t find the same expectations across the board. However, in general, your child is going to have to be at least a decent student. Find out what the required grades are well in advance of sending your child there so that he or she can start to prepare. Furthermore, students will likely be required to take and pass a certain test, or multiple tests, before they are allowed to enroll in classes at the school.

Rigorous Academic Programs

As the name implies, the mission of these schools is to prepare the children for college, and parents need to be aware of that. Compared to public schools in the area, a vast number of intense courses will likely be offered to the students there, and they will be expect to complete their work with good grades. Of course, different tracks are often available at these schools. Students will likely be able to take regular level courses or to further pursue their interests in honors programs, college level classes or advanced placement courses to get some college credits out of the way.

The Discipline Side

On top of strict academics, these schools are usually going to be pretty strict in terms of discipline. In fact, it’s not uncommon that all of the students would be required to wear uniforms on a daily basis, and deviation from the required dress code could certainly be grounds for a detention. Private schools may also strictly prohibit any type of fighting, for which the punishment is either suspension or expulsion from the institution. Be sure to procure a copy of the school’s guidebook so that both you and your children are familiar with all of the rules.

More Opportunities

As mentioned earlier, students are often going to have the opportunity to take high level courses and to finish off some of their college credits now. On top of that though, the schools will often offer a wide array of elective programs. Advanced art classes, creative writing, business, theology, morality and other types of courses may be offered at the schools. These courses are provided so that students are able to start exploring their interests. They will likely go into college with a better focus and stronger sense of direction in terms of what career they would eventually like to pursue.

Going to prep school is a bit different than heading to a regular public school for the freshmen through senior years. The focus of these preparatory schools is to get the students ready for college and for the world that awaits them in their adult years.

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