Installing a driveway alarm will guarantee the security of your home and properties. This alarm alerts you when someone appears in the driveway or your vehicle is being moved automatically. Therefore, you should consider purchasing a security system to boost your driveway’s security.



1. Keeps away Intruders

Installing a security system is crucial for keeping away intruders when you are at home or work. For instance, a driveway motion sensor releases a loud noise when it detects an intruder in your driveway. You can call the police or check your driveway when the system goes off.


2. Child and Pet Safety

Installing a driveway security gate will help you to monitor your driveway and the presence of an unauthorized person. Your child or pet will be safe when the driveway security gate has an alarm that keeps away abductors.

Peace of mind

3. Peace of Mind

You will have peace of mind when you have a driveway alarm for detecting the entry of another person or car on the driveway. The security system will also enable you to keep your family safe since it alerts you about an intruder throughout the day and at night.

Increase in value

4. Increased Property Value

A wireless alarm will boost your property value when you consider selling it in the future. Buyers often prioritize the security of a property before purchasing. A good security system will allow you to increase your selling price and make more profits from selling the property.


5. Easy to Install

Installing a security system like a driveway motion sensor alarm requires mounting the device by the driveway. It can use to detect any form of movement on the driveway, and it can withstand any weather including extreme wind.


6. Sensitivity

Technology advancement has improved security systems such as the wireless alarm detects vehicle motion using the infra-red motion detectors. The system can also send and transfer signals within a range of 400feet; thus, alerting you when there are activities in the driveway.


7. Accuracy

Some security systems for the driveway are created accurately to restrict the alerts to cars. They do not chime when a pet or person walks over your driveway. The security systems also have accuracy adjustments that remove false alarms from the nearby traffic.


8. Protects your Property

Installing a Drive-Alert Vehicle Detection System for your car will enable you to detect when your vehicle is being moved in the driveway. A signal is transmitted to the control panel from the sensor when the vehicle is driven from its original spot.

In conclusion, you should consider installing an alarm system from Absolute Automation for your driver to protect your properties. Your car can also have a drive alert to signal you when your car is moving without your authorization.

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