1. Stretch Films Can Save People Time

When people use transparent stretch film for packaging, this can save time at several different points in the distribution chain. At any point in transit, people can visually scan pallets and see what is in them without the need to unwrap anything.

Fortunately, most modern Canadian companies have access to stretch films that are designed for strength and reliability. In many cases, stretch film manufacturers employ outstanding technicians who rank among the most skilled professionals working in North America today. Thanks to ongoing improvements in manufacturing and industrial processes, max film strength for stretch film has increased significantly in the course of the past decade.

2. Stretch Films Keep Shipped Materials Safely Secured

Even with the well-developed shipping protocols we use in North America, it is far too common for shipped goods to get damaged in transit. If more people used stretch films to seal palletized loads before transit, it is likely that damage rates would plummet.

When you are planning to purchase a stretch wrapper unit, you’ll need to choose between investing in a vertical or a horizontal unit. Your choice will depend on the average size and weight of your pallets. Whatever type of machine you choose, you should always buy your packaging machines new or in certified, refurbished condition. Depending on the nature of your budget, an extended warranty may not or not be advisable.¬†You may want to consult with the online resources from the Malpack Corp website.

3. Fine Stretch Films Provide Protection For Your Personal Reputation

As many experts have argued, reputation is incredibly important in the Canadian business world. Besides benefiting your company, using the right packaging materials is the right move for protecting your personal reputation within your industry. Supposing you are responsible for shipping loads safely, you must do everything in your power to fulfill your job properly. If goods are damaged under your watch, you may find that this will limit advancement opportunities within your industry. When putting together your next pallet load for shipment, consider using puncture resistant film for extra safety.

4. Stretch Wrapping Can Aid Packing Efficiency

Quite a few professionals have used this type of wrapping to make the packing process more efficient. Indeed, stretch wrap use is one of the factors that sets leading shippers apart from less noteworthy competitors. You can boost your pallet output significantly if you utilize a double turntable palletizing system. In this system, one pallet is rapidly wrapped while a second pallet is being delivered into the machine.

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